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Staff and Board



2015 Board of Supervisors



Lonnie Moran-Chairman

Becky Cropper-Vice Chairman

Susan Reeves-Secretary

Fred Scott-Fiscal Agent

Aubrey Bolender-Education Chairperson


Roles and Responsiblities 

The Brown SWCD is governed by a five-member board of county residents who serve in a volunteer capacity. Board members serve staggered three-year terms.

  •  A respected conservation leader, elected by county residents to represent them in charting the course for the soil and water conservation and natural resource managment 
  • The guide for the district, its staff and cooperating agencies in efforts to implement conservation programs
  • Elected to a three year term as a public official and serves without pay; necessary expenses e.g. travel, are provided by the SWCD
  • Attends and participates in monthly and special board meetings where conservation decisions are made, district business conducted, including approval of expenditures, and conservation policy adopted
  • Attends area, state, and national meetings as time and SWCD resources permit
  • Participate in local field days, meetings, clinics, fairs, tours and conservation activites conducted by the SWCD
  • Represents SWCD at special meetings in the county

Associate Board Members are appointed for a one-year term who serve in a volunteer capacity.  The Associate Board Members for 2015 are:


2015 Associate Board Members

John Herbolt

Ron Bulow

Joe Stephens


SWCD Staff


Pictured left to right:

Emily Heppner, Chris Rogers, Carly Ratliff and Danielle Thompson


Chris Rogers -District Manager and District Technician 

crogers@brownswcd.org or 937-378-4424 ext. 122



Danielle Thompson -Education and Wildlife Specialist

dthompson@brownswcd.org or 937-378-4424 ext. 125



Carly Ratliff -Financial and Operations Administator 

cratliff@brownswcd.org or 937-378-4424 ext. 121






USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Staff

Lori Lenhart -District Conservationist

lori.lenhart@oh.usda.gov or 937-378-4424 ext. 103



Larry Whitaker - District Conservationist


larry.whitaker@oh.usda.gov or 937-378-4424 ext. 119



Tara Fisher -Soil Conservation Technician

tara.fisher@oh.usda.gov or 937-378-4424 ext. 120