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Technical Assistance Provided

The Brown Soil and Water Conservation District offers a wide array of free technical services to help landowners evaluate opportunities and address natural resource conservation issues on their land.


Technical Assistance:

  • Grassed Waterways
  • Round Bale Feeding Pads
  • Livestock Access Roads
  • Fencing for Planning Grazing Systems
  • Livestock Exclusion Fence
  • Spring Developments
  • Animal Waste Management Facilities
  • Livestock Mortalitiy Compost Facility
  • Watering Facilities
  • Forestry
  • Drainage Education (Agricultural and Residential)



Drainage and Erosion

The District provides free site evaluations and technical assistance to help landowners and homeowners address drainage and erosion problems.

Pond Assistance

SWCD staff are available for site visitations of new pond construction feasibility and existing pond issues in Brown County. These services are free of charge by contacting the office and requesting an appointment.


The Brown SWCD has the responsibility of informing land users about effective storm water management at construction sites. Through the Brown County subdivision regulations process land users receive site specific soils information, requirements for Brown County’s sediment and erosion control plan and the Ohio EPA’s permitting program for one (1) or more acres of land being disturbed.

Soil suitability considerations:

  • Construction of buildings, roads, lawns, landscaping
  • Shrink-swell potential (freezing and thawing)
  • Slope
  • Flooding
  • Hillside slippage
  • Drainage